elevate your game and get the edge

Higher-Faster- Stronger

HFC (Highet-Faster-Sronger) is a focused  private training program designed by former Olympians and champion athletes to improve and accelerate your athletic performance, Our exclusive facility is designed to optimize performance and all of our instructors have competed, trained or performed at the highest levels.




With only ten athletes per clinic you will get the individual attention you need to boost your performance. Each clinic runs for four weeks. The next clinic begins 02.03.2020.

Schedule : Mon, Wed, Fri 

Time 3:30-4:30pm & 4:30-5:30pm

Price: $700 


Your instructor will be able to focus on you and your partners specifically strengthening your weak spots while getting the most out of your strengths. Let us know what days and times work for you and we will get you on schedule. 

Price: 10 Sessions $950


The ultimate way to get better faster. Work one on one with our instructor who is dedicated to improve your athletic performance. 

Price: 10 Sessions $1250