Clients of BLS: Cindy Bruna, Jessica White, Patrica Van Der Vliet, Sam Swan, Renee B.

Get your mind body and soul ready in time for New York Fashion Week with a fitness and wellness program designed by former ballet dancer, celebrity trainer and studio owner,  Robert Brace specifically to get models in holistic peak performance for your next show, photoshoot or fashions biggest biggest week.

Robert Brace | Ballet Burn Out



Each class is a fun intimate three part experience which includes Roberts signature, body sculpting, fat-burning, ballet based, 28 day challenge workout, a guided  meditations with a refreshing cooling eye gel mask to reduce inflammation and nutrition. Our natural pre-and post workout nutrition drinks are selected to elevate your mental and spiritual states. Nutrition that regulates your emotions and gives you mental focus, impulse control, focused energy and a sense of joy, peace, and calm. Wipe down with a chilled eucalyptus infused towel. Meal Plan: A healthy, tasty, energy boosting meal plan that is tailored and timed to get you looking your best as fashion week opens. 

Testimonial | Alicia Rountree

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